Service to bring Thai labor abroad

TW Manpower

Barika brought Thai workers to work abroad.

TW Manpower provides overseas recruitment services. To allow Thai workers who are unemployed or want to work abroad The company will take care of Help with the preparation of the necessary documents To travel to work in Taiwan And help Thai workers in Taiwan to solve problems The company will select factories that meet the needs of workers in various cities in Taiwan. Notify workers if the factory has workers from Thailand working to make the workers feel reliant on communication and have colleagues who speak the same language. All workers must be objective of Taiwanese employers through the process of selection, testing, labor history. So that the workers can work as the factory needs in Taiwan. We select workers with experience in order to work as assigned efficiently and maximize benefits for employers. If workers do not have experience, the company will provide training before traveling. However, our company helps to solve the unemployment problem in Thailand. And assist employers in selecting workers for 28 years

License No. Tor. 1014/2544


1. Fill out the resume


4. Disease examination


2. Employer selection


5. Passport processing, visa application documents


3. Specify the selection results.


6. Training and traveling

Required documents

  1. Passport with copy and with photo and visa stamped page In case of lost passport Will be used as evidence

  2. Identity card

  3. Copy of house registration

  4. Copy of marriage certificate (if any)

  5. Fresh copy. 9

  6. Contract of employment (copy to keep at home 1 set)

  7. Fund membership card

  8. Copy of examination result

  9. A photo

Evidence to be submitted at the job search checkpoint

Before traveling to work abroad

  1. passport

  2. Travel plan for working outside the Kingdom (Jong. 12 model)

  3. Employment contract Employment contract

  4. Fund membership card to help workers go to work abroad.

  5. A letter that allows an employer to take an employee to work in a foreign country or send to an internship

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