Labor contracting service

TW Outsourcing

Labor contracting service

We provide labor contracting services with a professional team, recruiting strictly and quality labor. Have vocational skills training Before delivery to solve labor problems for customers Reducing problems related to responsibilities between employers and employees.

In order to be in accordance with the needs of customers Flexible And fast in labor management

According to customer requirements


Why Choose TW Outsourcing

We select quality workers Start by recruiting people by interviewing to see ideas. Thorough physical examination

Professional test Responsibility, honesty, comply with labor laws Therefore can be confident that the labor that we look after is quality

Our service

  • Recruit workers as stipulated by the employer.

  • Management

  • Personal document management

  • Have a team to support employers and workers

  • Organize various activities for laborers

  • Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Activities

  • And others


What customers will receive

1. Effective cost control

2. Manpower is flexible and highly flexible.

3. Reduce employer risk

4. Reduce recruiting costs And welfare

5. Highly efficient service

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Allocate labor to your job.

We select the workers ourselves so we know very well what kind of work is suitable. We are able to allocate labor to suit your business type perfectly. No problems with work.

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